django-siteprefs documentation

Reusable app for Django introducing site preferences system

django-siteprefs allows Django applications settings to come alive.


  1. Python 2.7+ or 3.3+
  2. Django 1.4+
  3. Django Auth contrib enabled
  4. Django Admin contrib enabled (optional)
  5. South 1.0+ (for automatic DB migrations; not required for Django 1.7+)

Get involved into django-siteprefs

Submit issues. If you spotted something weird in application behavior or want to propose a feature you can do that at

Write code. If you are eager to participate in application development, fork it at, write your code, whether it should be a bugfix or a feature implementation, and make a pull request right from the forked project page.

Translate. If want to translate the application into your native language use Transifex:

Spread the word. If you have some tips and tricks or any other words in mind that you think might be of interest for the others — publish them.


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